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Breathing Chairs


A human being breathes between 15-18 times/minute. We breathe very fast and shallow, allowing only ½ liter of air into our lungs. Did you know that we eliminate 70% of toxins through exhaling? Adult lungs’ volume is 6 liters of air, yet we supply our body with only ½ liter. Why do we have 6 liters of lungs volume when we fill it only with ½ liter? Breathing shallow depletes our body from oxygen.

Depletion Of Oxygen = Fatigue, Stress, Anxiety, Headache

We need to supply our body with more oxygen. We must learn how to breathe better. There are over 100 different breathing techniques, and if you want to learn even a few of them, it requires lots of time, money, and dedication. Most likely, it’s not going to happen.

This is why the breathing chair was invented and why we at Salt Oasis decided to make it accessible for our clients.

The unique, patented technology allows for anyone to learn any breathing exercise in no time by simply sitting inside one of the BREATHING CHAIRS. In just a few minutes, your lungs volume will increase, allowing a lot more air while slowing down your breathing.

It will help to decrease your anxiety, stress level, inflammation, headache, and pain. It will also increase your energy, focus, productivity, wellbeing, and the release of toxins.

The Benefits

Benefits of Regular

Breathing Chair Sessions

  • Improves breathing techniques, enhancing our overall health.
  • Increases physical energy and performance.
  • Enhances athletes’ physical condition and recovery time.
  • Decrease restless sleep conditions due to stress.
  • Increases weight loss.
  • Generates better oxygen supply to cells, decreasing aging effects.
  • Increases blood circulation, enhancing oxygen and nutrient supplies to body cells.
  • Decreases muscle cramps.
  • Reduces heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Improves creative imagination and learning.
  • Allows you to benefit from slow and deep breathing, which enhances physical and mental health.

Who Can We Help

Well Aging

Many studies and specialists have proven that our breathing slows down from the age of 40 and is no longer efficient. Without realizing, we often lack oxygen in our body, causing heart, lung, and allergy problems, and anxiety. A 20-minute relaxing breathing exercise in OUR BREATHING CHAIR will keep your lungs’ volume at their most efficient capacity. Combining the exercises with: zero gravity + swinging movement + oxygen allows you to reach a constant better health level. The BREATHING CHAIR enhances our breathing to live a better, healthier, and longer life.

Geriatric Health Care

Several body changes happen as we get older, which may cause a decline in lung capacity. To name a few: The diaphragm, the large muscle that moves air in and out of the lungs, gets weaker, decreasing the ability to inhale and exhale. The muscles and tissues that usually keep airways open lose elasticity, causing some to close. The BREATHING CHAIR technology helps effortlessly any older adult during their breathing exercises while achieving better wellbeing!

Business World

Most people suffer from stress at work. During stressful situations, our breathing changes. Hyperventilation or apnea can impact our heart rate and cause uncomfortable feelings and tension. Heart Coherence, synchronization of breathing with heartbeats brings impressive results on our health, such as balance and stress relief!


The BREATHING CHAIR helps athletes improve their breathing, allowing them to perform more efficiently by reducing fatigue and increasing self-control, thereby avoiding stress during competitions. The BREATHING CHAIR enhances your breathing while increasing blood oxygenation and better muscle performance. Our BREATHING CHAIR will allow you faster recovery after intense physical efforts. Combining the breathing exercise + zero gravity + swing movement + oxygen will bring you to a level of unimaginable wellbeing after your competitions.


Member Intro
$25.00 / Session
All Other
$45.00 / Session
1st Time Introductory
$35.00 / Session
Years Old
$22.00 / Session


5 Breathing Chair Sessions
$175.00 / Session
  • $35 / Session
10 Breathing Chair Sessions
$300.00 / Session
  • $30 / Session
5 Breathing Chair Sessions

(Members Prices)

$125.00 / Session
  • $25 / Session
10 Breathing Chair Sessions

(Members Prices)

$200.00 / Session
  • $20 / Session
  • Discounted packages apply to adults only.
  • Must be prepaid.
  • All packages must be used within 12 months from the purchase date.
  • Not shareable/transferable.
  • Non-refundable.
  • Appointment required. Standard cancellation policy applies.
  • See Wellness Consultant for more details.
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